Sharekhan Latest Review| Sharekhan Brokerage Charges, Account Opening Fees|

In this Sharekhan latest review, we are going to share a full detailed study on Sharekhan broker house.

In the Indian economy, the stockbroking market is highly competitive. The average investor will need help to choose a broker that can give them all the resources they need at an affordable price. You can find a Sharekhan review on this page. Sharekhan’s rating reflects Sharekhan’s reliability, making a stockbroker’s rating a necessary but essential factor when choosing a stockbroker.

Sharekhan Latest Review

In this review, you can get important information such as Sharekhan fee per trade, types of securities they trade, do they offer additional services that other brokers do it suggest, how good is the monthly trading plan, do they offer incentives, and lastly, their experience in managing clients and investing their money. Stockbroker reviews also provide insight into what services they lack and which services they need to improve on.

Sharekhan Trading Account Opening and Demat Fees

Demat accounts, also known as dematerialized accounts, are utilized for securely storing securities in electronic format, with stakes being deposited through either the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) or the Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL). Account opening fees vary from Rs 0 to Rs 200 for different brokers. Sharekhan charges zero when opening an account.

When you open a Demat account, you must pay fees like account maintenance fees, brokerage commissions, GST, and STT. Sharekhan’s annual maintenance fee is around 300, and a discount broker charges about 20 for each trade as a commission. As mentioned above, CDSL and NSDL are Indian government-registered depositories for holding securities such as stocks, commodities, bonds, and ETFs in electronic form or copies, and different brokers use either type of custodian. Sharekhan uses NSDL & CDSL as custodians.

Account Opening and Demat ChargesSharekhan
Trading Account Opening ChargesZero
Demat AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges)Free or Rs.300 per annum
Trading AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges)Free
Margin MoneyZero
Offline to Online ChargesYes
DepositoryNSDL & CDSL

Sharekhan Stock Trading Platforms

Sharekhan has invested heavily in modern tools and technologies to ensure its clients have a productive trading experience. Below are the platforms developed by Sharekhan for its customers to trade on the stock market.

  1. Sharekhan Mobile Application

Sharekhan mobile app is very user-friendly and easy to install on mobile devices. It comes with two-factor authentication to ensure the security of user logins. This powerful application allows you to trade stocks, currencies, mutual funds, derivatives, and other securities listed on the advanced charting features using the built-in tools to help traders make better sense of the market and provide a multitude of facets for a quick understanding of market trends and transactions.

  1. Sharekhan’s Commercial Tiger

It is a trading terminal that can be installed on your desktop for stock trading. It runs smoothly on desktops and laptops, allowing you to access its advanced features. You can set a customizable watch list for 30 to 90 intraday and daily charts. There are more than 30 technical indicators, many charting options, and many advanced tools to find the perfect trading opportunity to make a profit.

  1. Sharekhan Website

Sharekhan has its own developer team for its website. The site has a very user-friendly layout and can be easily accessible by traders. It has many features, such as the ability to trade on multiple exchanges, an intelligent search engine, and the option to view a detailed portfolio. Furthermore, the site provides chat and help options to get solutions to user queries.

  1. Sharekhan Mini

Sharekhan mini is a website designed for users with slow internet connection. This browser-based trading platform works fine despite having a 2G connection. By using this website, you can use essential features such as F&O contract details, multiple exchange listings, and money transfer functionality.

  1. Sharekhan InstaMF

Sharekhan also introduces a free mutual fund investment platform for investors. This app ensures the highest accuracy of paperless and fast mutual fund investment facilities. You do not need a Sharekhan Demat account to access this facility. Alternatively, choosing a SIP amount or a one-time investment in a selected mutual fund is possible. It also offers customizable mutual fund investment programs to help you achieve your financial goals.

sharekhan brokerage charges

Sharekhan Brokerage Charges

Sharekhan has a fixed percentage-based brokerage model that charges a fixed percentage fee on trading volume across all segments. Sharekhan charges significantly higher brokerage fees than other major brokers like ICICI, HDFC, Zerodha, and Upstox. It also offers prepaid and postpaid brokerage plans.

Equity Delivery Brokerage0.50%
Equity Intraday Brokerage0.10%
Equity Futures Brokerage0.10%
Equity Options BrokerageRs.100 per Lot or 2.5% on Premium (takes higher amount)
Currency Futures Brokerage0.10%
Currency Options BrokerageRs.30 per Lot or 2.5% on Premium (takes higher amount)
Commodity Options Brokerage0.10%

Sharekhan Other Fees

Other brokerage fees that investors should keep in mind are

  1. Minimum brokerage fee: Sharekhan charges Rs 20 as the minimum brokerage fee.
  1. Transaction Brokerage Fees: These are the fees the client has to pay for each transaction made by the DP (Depository Participant). Sharekhan charges 0.00275% of total revenue as transaction brokerage fees.
  1. SEBI Revenue Fee: India’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEBI) regulates the stock and commodity markets. It oversees fair trade for all investors and takes a certain amount from their revenue. Sharekhan charges 0.0002% of total revenue as a sebi revenue fee.
  1. Stamp Tax: Stamp tax varies by state and property type. GST (Goods and Services Tax)
  1. Fees: 18% GST on brokerage and trading fees apply.
  1. STT (Stock Transaction Tax): Sharekhan charges 0.0126% of total revenue as STT.
  1. Call and trading fees: Varies from Rs 20 to 50 for different brokers when you place call and trade orders. Sharekhan charges a call and exchange fee of Rs 20.

Sharekhan Offers:

Many brokers offer attractive offers to attract more clients. These offers are as follows:

  1. Free Demat Account and Stock Trading: Many brokers offer new investors to open a free account and start trading with them immediately.
  1. Flexible plans: Attractive plans with savings rates, such as ProStocks Monthly Plans, target Equity Liquidity, and FX F&O at Rs.899 and Rs.499, respectively.
  1. Broker Discounts: Coupons up to 50% off their prices. Happy Hour: A specific period during which traders/clients receive the services of brokers at a discounted rate.
sharekhan demat account opening charges
  1. One-month free plan: where brokers offer free shipping trades, such as OneTradePlus.
  1. Holiday deals: Brokers provide reduced prices during special events like Diwali.
  1. Referral Program: Brokers discount when your family or friends sign up with the broker with your referral code.
  1. No broker on losing trades: full refund for unsuccessful transactions.

Features of Sharekhan

Many stockbrokers offer beautiful services to investors and traders and attractive and eye-catching offers. Services are as follows:

  1. Mutual Funds: Helps investors build long-term portfolios for maximum return and minimal risk after performing proper technical and fundamental analysis.
  1. Forex: Many stockbrokers offer their services on the stock market and Forex. Banking: full-service brokers also provide their services in the banking sector.
  1. SIP (Systematic Investment Plan): This is a branch of the benefit of a mutual fund; many brokers help investors systematically shape their portfolios for maximum returns. Insurance: The most successful brokers even offer insurance plans to their clients.

Sharekhan Advisory Services

Their services and charges differ from a discount to a full-service broker. Discount brokers execute buy and sell orders with relatively lower commission rates than full-service brokers. Moreover, the discount broker offers deep investment recommendations and analysis of specific stocks compared to an unskilled full-service broker who needs explicit knowledge of price action strategies. All these factors are an important reason for the price difference.

  1. Basic Reports: These are basically reports related to analyzing a company’s financial statements, which help investors and financial analysts decide on the company’s current financial position.
  1. Research Report: It is prepared by a financial analyst working in hedge funds, investment banks, and mutual funds, and these reports may target stocks, commodities, currencies, or industries of a particular company.
  1. Corporate Reports: Corporate Reports are comprehensive, easy-to-understand information on a company’s activities throughout the year, month, or week.
  1. Annual Report: A branch of a company’s reporting in which the company includes all the activities the company has performed in previous years and the costs of performing those activities, and the profit or loss that is related to it. Received by performing these activities. So Sharekhan advisory services are one of the best services in the industry.
sharekhan advisory services
  1. Company stock assessment: A stock review or analysis involves comparing a company’s financial statements with previous years. To obtain a clear overview of the stock’s current performance and future profits, this process also includes analyzing specific ratios such as liquidity, free cash flow, profitability, and so on.

Pros and Cons of Sharekhan Broker


  • It offers different trading platforms, including mobile apps, websites, and installable terminals.
  • There are customized brokerage plans to cover all types of investors and traders.
  • It reduces brokerage fees for high-volume traders.
  • Offers online courses, training sessions, and seminars to educate investors.
  • It does not charge processing fees for transfers from/to bank accounts.
  • It also does not charge any fees for DP transactions.


  • Most brokerage fees are percentage-based, higher than the flat fee discount brokers charge.
  • You will pay substantial brokerage fees if you trade through these brokerage fees.

My Thought

Sharekhan is one of the best brokers in India after using it for many years. Sharekhan is a safe and dependable option for long-term trading and investing because it provides high-quality services, has variable brokerage rates, and complies with all regulatory requirements. Despite its flaws, Sharekhan is a reputable brand that has been providing investment and trading services for over two decades.

Sharekhan has an impressive range across India, and the accessibility of prepaid business programs makes it open to dealers and financial backers in every significant city. Trade Tiger, Sharekhan’s trading platform, is one of the best available. Sharekhan’s helpful research tools and efficient customer service compensate for some drawbacks, like the minimum brokerage terms. Overall, I’m pleased with Sharekhan and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a dependable broker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Sharekhan a Good Broker?

As one of India’s first intermediaries to offer Internet trading services, Sharekhan is regulated by SEBI. The Sharekhan Mobile Trading Platform provides users with an accessible and highly equipped platform for trading.

Q2. Are there any charges for withdrawal from Sharekhan?

For withdrawals, Sharekhan charges a flat fee of $0. The withdrawal procedure shall take place in 1 day. Sharekhan is a reliable broker supervised by at least one of the top-tier regulators. Only funds can be withdrawn from the accounts in your name.

Q3. Can I move from Sharekhan to Zerodha?

Yes, your Zerodha Demat account will enable you to transfer the current shares of another broker. The transfer between Demat accounts of the same shareholding shall have two types: Intra Depository Transfer or Inter Depository Transfer.

Q4. Is Sharekhan suitable for Mutual Funds?

Sharekhan is one of Mutual Funds’ most trusted service providers in India. They have assigned each client a personal relationship manager who will provide investment advice and guidance. They don’t charge a brokerage, entry fee, or commission.

Q5. Can I close my Sharekhan account online?

The Account Closure Form for the Sharekhan Demat account is currently unavailable. You’ve got to fill out a physical form. To obtain the closure form for your account, you may go to a branch of Sharekhan. To get the same, you may also contact your Sharekhan advisor.

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