Alice Blue Stock Broker Review| How to Open Demat Account with Alice Blue|

Today we are going to make Alice Blue stock broker review. We will share its complete brokerage plan, fees, and other details.

Alice Blue was founded by Sidhavelayutham M. Founded in 2006, who is currently the CEO of this company and holds an MBF from the Indian Institute of Finance. He oversees this company’s risk management, operations, and product development. He is constantly looking for new opportunities with innovative ideas and the application of the latest technologies in the company.

Alice Blue Stock Broker Review

Alice Blue’s registered with NSE, BSE, NCDEX, MCXSX, NSE EQ & FODN, BSEEQ & FODN, and NSE currency. Despite being a discount broker, Alice Blue offers online and offline trading support to its clients; as usual, with the low-cost Alice Blue brokerage plan, many other discount brokers tend to only provide online brokerage services. They are registered depository participants of the CDSL. Alice Blue offers various brokerage products and services, analytical tools, high-tech trading terminals, a business school for investor education, and software and tools.

Other backends bring a better trading experience to their customers. According to the latest NSE India report as of 30 June 2023, Alice Blue has over 143,000 active customers on NSE alone. They have a PAN India presence in major cities and over 1000 sub-brokers and partner networks nationwide. They offer free stock trading transactions and, under a fixed fee brokerage plan called Alice Blue Freedom 15, offer low-cost brokerage for trading. Alice Blue is rated as one of the largest commodity brokers in South India, allowing commodity trading through MCX and NCDEX.

Alice Blue Brokerage Fee Details

Blue Alice Broker only applies under Freedom 15 Alice Blue brokerage plan. Alice Blue brokerage fees vary by segment. Details of Blue Alice broker by piece are given below:

SegmentsBrokerage Charges
Equity Intraday₹15 per order or 0.05% (whichever is lower)
Equity Delivery₹0
F&O₹15 per order or 0.05% (whichever is lower)
F&O MCX Futures₹15 per order or 0.05% (whichever is lower)
MCX Options₹15 per order
Currency Futures₹15 per order or 0.05% (whichever is lower)
Currency Options₹15 per order

The Alice Blue zero brokerage offer applies to the Equity distribution segment only. Alice blue options brokerage fee is ₹15 per order or 0.05% (whichever is lower). Alice Blue brokerage fee is applied to each order executed.

Alice Blue Transaction Fee (Exchange Turnover Fee) 

Trading fees charged for stocks, currencies, and commodities are explained in the table below:

Equity DeliveryNSE ₹325 per Cr (0.00325%) | BSE ₹1 per trade (each side)
Equity IntradayNSE ₹325 per Cr (0.00325%) | BSE ₹1 per trade (each side)
Equity FuturesNSE ₹210 per Cr (0.0021%) | BSE ₹1 per trade (each side)
Equity OptionsNSE ₹5300 per Cr (0.053%) | BSE ₹1 per trade (each side)
Currency FuturesNSE ₹135 per Cr (0.00135%)
Currency OptionsNSE ₹4400 per Cr (0.044%) (on premium)
CommodityNon-Agri ₹360 per Cr (0.0036%) | Agri ₹275 per Cr (0.00275%)

Alice Blue Brokerage Plan

Previously, there were two Alice Blue brokerage plans. Alice Blue Freedom 15 Plan and Alice Blue Traditional Brokerage Plan (Alice Blue Trade Pro Plan). But now there is only one broker plan, i.e., Freedom 15 Alice blue plan. Also, there is Alice Blue’s change broker plan in Freedom 15. Alice Blue broker charges ₹15 per order or 0.05% (whichever is lower). While the Alice Blue T Pro brokerage plan is wholly removed from Alice Blue. To see a broker calculator for Alice Blue, go to the official website of Alice Blue.

Alice Blue Brokerage Plan

Other costs

  • Alice Blue Pledge Service Fee: ₹15 + GST
  • Alice Greening Dematerialization Fee: 10 per certificate
  • Alice Blue dematerialization application fee: 50 per application
  • Alice blue refactoring fee: ₹30 per request + NSDL/CDSL or ₹10/- header percentage Or part of a free plan ₹10/- per certificate, whichever is greater.
  • Blue Alice’s customer care contact number: is 098219 59487

Alice Blue Trading Platform and Tools

  1. ANT MOBI:

This is the Alice Blue mobile app that is easily accessible on a tablet or smartphone. Combined with many features such as live market tracking, powerful charts, and advanced analysis tools, the app allows clients to easily trade stocks, commodities, and currencies. However, historical data is available on the app for only one year.

  1. ANT Office:

It is an installable software platform that provides a one-stop shop for all trading operations through Alice Blue. It stores 10 years of historical data, provides real-time quotes, and advanced risk management and mitigation tools.

  1. Ant Network:

It is a web-based platform accessed on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers. It comes with sophisticated features such as premium charts, price alerts, notifications, and personalized watch lists that allow clients to trade on a wide range of securities.

  1. ANT meta:

This is a trading terminal provided by Alice Blue. This installable software provides high-speed transactions and quick responses to commands or queries. Ant Meta is known for its fast customer support and automated trading. 2 IN 1 trading and Demat accounts, free shipping, and a fixed brokerage model for other segments are also attractive points for potential traders. In addition, the flexibility of the percentage-based discount brokerage plan adds to its benefits. Trading with cutting-edge ANT (Analysis and Trading) technology, a state-of-the-art trading platform that includes ANT MOBI, ANT WEB, and ANT DESK, is a unique experience.

Alice Blue Account Opening Process

Alice Blue Financial Services offers its clients 3 types of accounts: Demat Account, Trading Account, and Commodity Account. Demat and trading accounts can be linked to form a 2-in-1 report. Commodity accounts can be used to trade commodities such as gold, silver, energy, agriculture, metals type, etc. Opening an account with Alice Blue is easy.

Alice Blue Account Opening Process

You have three options to choose from: 1) Visit any of their physical branches and fill out an application form; 2) Complete E-KYC by visiting their website; or 3) Simply call their customer service number and request an account opening form. Anyway, it works for you. Like many other stockbrokers in India, opening a trading account and dematerializing with Alice Blue is also quite simple.

Alice Blue Pros and Cons

We’ll look at some advantages and disadvantages of using the Alice Blue platform in this part of the review.

Pros of Alice Blue

  • Alice Blue is an established company established in 2006.
  • Under the Freedom plan (F15), trading in other segments requires a maximum brokerage level capped at $15.
  • There’s no minimum brokerage, no minimum commitment, and no guaranteed plan at all.
  • ANT Trading software is free for customers. Regular market reports are available to clients, FREE of charge.
  • It provides access to various third-party online trading tools, applications, and APIs.

Cons of Alice Blue

  • 3-in-1 accounts are not available.
  • Order valid until cancellation is not provided.

My Thoughts and Recommendations

After using Alice Blue for several years, this is one of the best brokerage platforms. The combination of user-friendly features, a wide range of trading tools, advanced tools, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer support sets it apart. The platform meets the needs of both novice and experienced traders, providing a seamless trading experience.

In my experience, Alice Blue has always provided reliable services with minimal technical problems. The user interface is intuitive, allowing for easy navigation and efficient trading. The charting tools and technical analysis capabilities are vital in my trading decisions, helping me to identify profitable opportunities and manage risk effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Alice Blue good for Trading?

Alice Blue stands out as a trustworthy and secure discount broker, providing exceptional trading and investment solutions in various fields such as Equities, F&O, Currency, Commodity, Initial Public Offering, and Mutual Funds. Since 2006, Alice Blue has established itself as one of India’s leading stockbroking firms, with over 16 branches nationwide.

Q2. Which is better, Zerodha or Alice Blue?

Zerodha stock brokerage fee is Rs 0 (free) and Rs 20 per day for each executed order. At 03%, whichever is lower, Alice Blue’s brokerage fee for equity is Rs 0 (free), and intraday is Rs 15 per order or 0.05%, whichever is lower.

Q3. Can I have two Demat accounts?

It’s legal to open more than one Demat account. But with the same brokerage firm, it is allowed to run up to one Demat account. At the same time, a person can set up multiple Demat accounts with full-time and discount brokers. Multiple Demat and trading accounts may be held by the trader.

Q4. Are Alice Blue account closure charges?

The account’s closure will take seven to ten working days after the submission of all documents. The closure of an account is not subject to any charges.

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